The Wake Up Call

Mid-fifties. Overweight and out of shape. Mad case of heart fibrillation sends me to emergency room. Scared I’m cashing it in. Limited help other than questionable pharmaceuticals for life. Not an option I’m willing to invest in. Future looks bleak. Present feels bleaker.

Opt for changing lifestyle, commit to healthy eating, regular exercise, exploring alternative healthcare options.

Fast forward: As part of life change I study and become a Certified Personal Trainer and founded company Go Well PDX, LLC. Lose 25 – 30 lbs. over two years. Regain fitness. Discover miracles of the magnificent human body. Develop personal owner’s manual for health. Future looks like a gift waiting to be unwrapped. Present is awesome.

Ready and driven to share “how to” with you.

Music swells. Roll the credits. Life is good.


Certified Personal Trainer; National Personal Training Institute, Portland, OR

Precision Nutrition PN-1, Certified Exercise Nutrition Coach

TRX Qualified Trainer

Total Gym Incline Trainer Qualified Instructor