Cage Free Training

Train with me outside the gym–reduce the stresses that come with gyms: fees, mirrors, loud music and/or tv’s, intimidating equipment. Exercise on your terms.

Through simple body weight exercises, the use of TRX Suspension Trainers and interval training designed to fit your abilities, together we can create the exercise you need and want in a space close to home–park, playground, or school.

Contact me for a complimentary consultation to explore the possibilities near you.

Cage Free Over 50 — Virtual Studio

Exercise in your home – or wherever you have floorspace and can see your computer screen – and join me in my virtual studio for a half hour class of body weight exercise. All you need is an exercise band, roughly 4 x 6 floor space and you’re good to go. For more details and to sign up for class click on this link: Cage Free Over 50

Seven Things to Know About Cage Free Training

  1. CFT builds your body confidence through celebrating and improving on what your magnificent body can do, not punishing you for what it cannot
  2. CFT helps release your outer being by connecting you with moving…outdoors, indoors, unbound by a gym cage
  3. CFT is as much about a shift in mindset as it is about fitness
  4. CFT helps you strengthen your core, regain your balance and improve your range of motion without mirrors, loud music or intimidating equipment
  5. CFT supplies the gear, knowledge and support to help you enjoy getting stronger without getting injured
  6. CFT requires minimal equipment and zero gym fees
  7. CFT is accessible for all abilities and is designed to meet your needs where you are and help you get to where you want to be