In the Gym

Go Well Jumpstart: 3 sessions $195

  • Baseline Assessment (60 – 90 minutes)
    • Includes: Body Composition Analysis, balance, core strength, range of motion
    • Review medical/injury history as relates to exercise
  • Sessions 2 & 3 (55 minutes ea.)
    • Implement plan informed by baseline assessment
    • Receive assessment print out and routine for independent training

Small Group Training

  • 55-minute sessions at ME Fitness Studios
  • $75/session; 2- 4 people per session

Individual Training: – $70 per 55-minute session

  • Sessions are billed on a per month basis
  • Package rates:
  • 1 session per week; 4 sessions total = $260/month
  • 2 sessions per week; 8 sessions total = $480/month
  • 3 sessions per week; 12 sessions total = $660/month

Cage Free Training — Outside the Gym

Base rate = $40/session for individual

Group rate = $75/session for 2 – 5 people

Cage Free Training location to be determined with you; must be within 5 mile radius of N. Mississippi Ave and N. Skidmore Ave, Portland, OR

Cage Free Over 50 — Virtual Studio

Exercise in your home – or wherever you have floorspace and can see your computer screen – and join me in my virtual studio for a half hour class of body weight exercise. All you need is an exercise band, roughly 4 x 6 floor space and you’re good to go. For more details and to sign up for class click on this link: Cage Free Over 50