Answers to frequently asked questions. Don’t see yours here? Feel free to contact me.

About Craig

How/why did you become a personal trainer?

Check out my story here.

Free Consultation

What should I wear to my consultation?

During your consultation, we will talk and possibly tour the gym but we don’t do any training or assessment. Casual street clothes are fine.

Programs and Pricing

What methods of payment do you take?

All payments are to be made in full prior to sessions. Cash, check or credit card accepted.  Sessions must be completed within the month in which payment is made and are non-refundable.

What if I need to cancel my session?

In the event of a missed session, you will be charged the full amount if not canceled at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment.

Do you have a perk for referrals?

Receive 25 percent off a session price when someone you refer signs up for Go Well training!


I have limited mobility or injury in my ______ (shoulder, knee, elbow, etc.), can I still get benefits from training?

Yes! After an initial assessment, we will develop a training routine specific to your unique needs—one that reduces the risk of re-injury while assisting in regaining strength and mobility. I continually check in before, during and after training sessions to make sure I don’t push you beyond safe limits.

My core is weak. Can you help me develop my core?

Yes! Core strengthening is the foundation of any good training program and essential in order to progress. Depending on what we determine in the initial assessment, we will concentrate on strengthening the core from the get-go and build out from there.

Do I need to be in shape before I work with you?

I work with people of all fitness levels and will be happy to help you wherever you are—from “never been in a gym” to “the gym is my home away from home.”

How many sessions do I need to get in shape, lose 10 pounds or fit in my jeans?

There is no one size fits all fitness plan because there are so many variables. So much depends on how you spend your time outside the gym, how many training sessions you put in—with me or on your own—and what your food intake looks like. We can approach your training aggressively or tone it back to meet your needs, but the results are built on effort. Part of my job is to hold you accountable to yourself so you can reach your goals.